Packed with features that cater to all your professional networking needs

We at BlueTie believe that a platform is only as good as the features that put it together. We have come up with unique features for the BlueTie app that collectively make professional networking seem like a walk in the park!

Exchange Ideas

Play the battle of ideas, stretch your horizons.

  • Your mind is brimming with new ideas every single day as you head off to work, or while at work, or on your way back home. These could be ideas for a new business, or a new solution to common-day problems, or digital content, or events, or a DIY project, or perhaps an idea of the intellectual sort.
  • As an ideator, your biggest challenge isn’t conceptualizing; on the contrary, it is finding like-minded people, who will understand your idea and have a meaningful conversation around it. It’s finding people who will get you.
  • BlueTie with its objective based networking platform helps you find like-minded people who will share the same objective and sensitivity as you do. You will be able to go beyond your immediate connections and circle and find people with diverse viewpoints and backgrounds.
  • Who knows? One of these exchanges might lead you to an interesting journey in your career and life.

Explore Job Opportunities

Find a job that complements your profile.

  • Job search can be a stressful and emotionally draining process. Long wait times, total silence after sending an application, interviews that go nowhere, and dashed hopes - as a job applicant you have to deal with a lot.
  • Part of the reason behind this is a miscommunication of fortes (skillset) between applicants and recruiters. Also, sometimes, some positions are not top priority for recruiters and the applicant isn’t aware of this. Overall, there is a lot of chaos in the hiring process that affects the quality and timeliness.
  • At BlueTie, we are aware of these problems. Which is why we designed an objective based networking platform that requires recruiters to pick hiring as their objective and select the fortes they are hiring for. If your fortes match theirs, you can begin networking with them.
  • Try networking on BlueTie and cut the stress out of your job search.

Discover Freelance Opportunities

Live on your own terms and make your own choices.

  • The freelance market is growing because a lot of professionals prefer working in a no-strings attached format with businesses in different industries.
  • Interestingly, freelancing is not just for those who wish to get off the beaten 9-to-5 path. A lot of returning professionals like moms, caregivers, people recovering from illnesses also opt for freelancing.
  • The challenge for freelancers is to find a ‘gig’ that matches their fortes (skillset). Another challenge is to have the freedom to switch to different areas of work within their larger domain. As an example, a freelance writer might want to switch from technical writing to writing video scripts.
  • To enable this, BlueTie has a dedicated objective for finding freelancing opportunities. It allows the freelancer to change their fortes and find compatible work. So do more with your time and fortes, and find real flexibility with your hours and working choices by networking on BlueTie.

Hire Talent

No more mismatches. Find the right fit for the role.

  • As a recruiter, you come across loads of people with stellar certifications and a wide set of fortes (skills). But fitting a person to a role is still a challenging task.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, it is important for you to know that you are hiring someone with fortes that will help your business at its current stage.
  • If you have attempted hiring, you will know that candidates often mix up two seemingly related fortes and this can lead to hiring the wrong person. As an example ‘marketing research’ can be confused for ‘marketing analysis’ and some people use the 4 variations of HTML interchangeably.
  • On BlueTie, candidates are required to pick their fortes and certifications from a list of preset options that cannot be customized. As a recruiter or co-founder you can look for people with a particular forte or certification that will match your requirements.
  • With BlueTie, you will cut out the noise in your hiring process.

Make An Investment

Find diverse baskets to put your treasured eggs in.

  • The smartest way to grow money is to invest it in a way that it grows even when you sleep. While playing the stock market might be a safer bet, investing in a startup can give back huge returns, especially if it turns out to be a unicorn.
  • But where will you find entrepreneurs and business founders seeking investors and how do you go about meeting them?
  • You can do all the above and a lot more on BlueTie. With objective based networking at its heart, our platform allows you to specifically find individuals who are seeking investments.
  • To help you get more bang out of your buck, we have added filters that allow you to refine your search based on the industry, the type of business - B2B or B2C, the stage of growth the business is at, and the tentative investment you wish to make.
  • Network on BlueTie and get into the investors’ circle.

Provide Mentorship

Help people make new mistakes and grow.

  • Perhaps, you are an accomplished entrepreneur and you feel the need to give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Or you are a self-made stock broker who is looking to groom the next generation of stock market players.
  • Or you could be a returning professional who wants to help others like yourself step back from a long break. Regardless, you will face two challenges: lack of time and lack of an engaged network that shares your goals and that you can activate.
  • That’s where BlueTie with its objective based networking platform can help you find entrepreneurs beyond your immediate circle of connections, who are seeking mentoring from self-made individuals like yourself.
  • And to make your search more accurate, we have added filters for industry and fortes (skills) that you might be interested and proficient in. This only makes sure that your investment in the form of time gives you the most fulfilment.

Seek Funding

Fundraise hassle-free and see your dream project take off.

  • What’s one of the things that makes a disruptive business idea, a social enterprise, a non-profit, a co-op, or a dream possible? It’s funds!
  • Fund-raising is a massive challenge. It’s tedious and frustrating and requires you to attend fund-raising events, make pitches, and face rejection.
  • The worst part is that sometimes you realize that the investors weren’t interested in your industry. This happens because the intentions of the investors and the fund-seekers weren’t known to each other.
  • Fund-raising can be made less stressful and more exciting. And we have done just that with BlueTie. On here, you can network and seek investors for your idea. We have also added filters for the stage of your business and the type - B2C or B2B - to find a perfect match for you.
  • BlueTie helps you cast your net beyond your connections and find an investor who can help you take your idea off the ground.

Seek Mentorship

Find the teacher that you always wished you had.

  • They say that mentoring at the right time and in the right direction can save time, dollars, and effort. It’s a unique form of consultation that is long-standing, episodic, not didactic, often recommendation-based, and given out of one’s experience.
  • So, whether you are a startup founder, or you wish to switch careers, or step back into the workforce, or enter a new geography, you will eventually need mentors, who will advise you on key decisions for your business or career.
  • The challenge here is to find a mentor who knows your industry and has fortes (skills) that can help you with specific obstacles you might face. This helps in getting actionable advice from which you can benefit.
  • BlueTie has a designated objective for seeking mentors. In addition, we also added filters where you can seek mentors with fortes (skills) and industry expertise of your choice. We just made mentoring a breeze!

Strategic Partnership

Find the right minds to build your dreams.

  • Your business idea is brilliant and you have a strong hunch that it will take off. But, you need help operationalizing it. You need a co-founder, who shares your vision and is willing to put in the work needed to pull off the entrepreneurial idea.
  • Or, you wish to expand your business to a new geographic and cultural region. For this, you need to build local alliances that will help you with the know-how and setup.
  • Or it could be that your primary business has scaled beautifully and you wish to build another business (vertical) to diversify your investment.
  • BlueTie’s objective-driven networking can help you find strategic partners from an industry of your choice and help you and your business grow. Reach beyond your immediate connections and find partners that can help your take off.