BlueTie is a platform where you can host your existing communities or create new ones and give them the boost of objective-driven networking. The platform’s new age features encourage and accelerate the transition and evolution into a more effective way of networking within the community.

How is it different to host a Community on BlueTie than
on other social media platforms?

How is it different to host a Community on BlueTie than on other social media platforms?



Every community is the one and only single exclusive version catering to that particular purpose making sure that every user with that objective joins only your community. This eliminates the confusions and increases the effectiveness and reach of your community.


Verification System

You can enable the system which verifies the members based on pre-set criteria like skills, industry, location, or more, thus making the process automated and convenient for you to manage.


Member Analytics

Get analytics about the members of your community like their current objectives, fortes, and networking activities to plan the initiatives for the growth of your community and initiate interactions within the members.


Minimising Spam

Members shy away from only communities due to spam messages and notifications. With BlueTie’s structure, stay in control and of the information passed to make sure the members stay both- attentive and active.


Objective Driven Networking

AI-driven algorithm & new age technology framework of the app makes sure that every member comes across only those who match their goals and requirements, at that moment.


Optimised Acknowledgement System

The platform’s built in acknowledgement system facilitates reduced miscommunication within the members and eases decision making thus ensuring effective networking.


BlueTie Pin

A unique professional contact detail for every member to communicate with each other without the compulsion of sharing personal details like email id or phone number, thereby keeping the members away from unwanted disturbance.


BlueTie’s MustMeet

Cuts the clutter of who to meet and how by bringing the members a handpicked list of most relevant professionals from the community, every week making them more proactive a networker.


BlueTie Enroute

Opening a new avenue of networking, members can plan meetings beforehand and network on the go with the professionals from within the community having similar travel schedules, thus, adding value to travel time.

Who all can host Communities on BlueTie?

College / University / Educational Institutes

To bridge the industry-academia gaps by facilitating mutually beneficial transactions between students, alumni, faculty, and other stakeholders.

Companies and Organisations

Bringing to surface the ideas and opportunities amongst the stakeholders belonging to different verticals and locations.

Residential Spaces

Adding value that keeps members interested and encourages participation and transactions within them, leading to their professional growth.

Co-working Spaces / Incubator Centers / Business Parks

A tool for members to know other professionals in the office space and utilise each other to accomplish goals together.

Business Clubs and Associations

A platform where members can come together to collaborate based on mutual interests, thus fostering growth.

Looking to host or create a Community on BlueTie?

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