A team that innovates, motivated by leaders with a vision.

Our collective of creative, passion-driven professionals has evolved over time. Our first venture, Shrooms Creatives is a full-fledged 360° advertising agency that caters to a vast array of clients across multiple industries. Through our work, understanding of technology, knowledge of the digital spectrum and learnings running this organization, our founders developed a keen understanding of a gap that lies across industries - people are networking without an objective. The time, money and effort spent on developing these networks, do not always lead to favourable or reliable outcomes.

We believe that every problem has a solution somewhere, and finding them often requires that you go beyond your existing network. That's the gap we aim to address at BlueTie.

Together, we are a force like no other. Because what drives us to go beyond is the belief in an idea

Our Goal

At BlueTie, we believe in empowering professional lives. Our foremost motive is to constantly identify and cater to the needs of professionals in order to aid at better and accelerated networking. We aim to achieve this by always taking steps to go beyond existing rules and creating newer skies to network more efficiently.

Our Vision

We intend to make BlueTie an expansive global network which unites the world’s professionals on a common platform, allowing them to easily discover and access each other. This helps them communicate with professionals across diverse geographical locations without necessarily having to build or maintain an individual professional network.