Empowering professional lives by making networking easy and effective.

Go beyond to discover & reach out to professionals who meet your objectives at that time

Professionals spend time, money & energy to build & maintain their individual networks. But these networks are not totally dependable during an urgent need. We believe that every problem has a solution somewhere, and you can access these solutions, when you think beyond building just connections & don’t limit yourselves to your individual networks. When your voice matches a similar one at the other end, your connections become your possibilities, and instead of building networks you start networking. At BlueTie, we shift the focus from building individual networks to directly reaching out to professionals whose networking objectives complement yours at that very moment.

Building individual professional networks requires a lot of time, money and dedication, and so does maintaining these networks. We enable you to start professional networking immediately at BlueTie instead of exhausting time and effort into building networks from scratch. With BlueTie, you get to discover and meet the right professional at the right time and place. Through this, you unlock endless opportunities with professionals whose objectives match yours.


What is BlueTie?

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What is BlueTie?
A dive into our philosophy


They’ve used it. They’ve experienced the new age. Now, they’re talking about it.

  • This is a wonderful app for connecting with people from various businesses!! ”

      • VIkram Rathore
      • Executive
  • It's a great app for entrepreneur as well as working professionals . They can share ideas and find same persons in your stream. ”

      • Jeevan Rao
      • Software Engineer


User friendly features for a refined professional networking.

Packed with features that cater to all your professional networking needs

We at BlueTie believe that a platform is only as good as the features that put it together. We have come up with unique features for the BlueTie app that collectively make professional networking seem like a walk in the park!


Discover & Meet Professionals

Discover and access professionals who lie beyond your individual networks and reach out to them in an approachable manner.


Mutual Objective Driven Networking

Choose your networking objective and access professionals who share a co-relating objective at that moment.


BlueTie Pin – Your Professional Contact Detail

Create your personalized BlueTie Pin and use it for all your professional communication without sharing any personal information thus minimizing spam.


An Effective Acknowledgement System

Acknowledgement does matter! Get a timely response for every request sent through our efficient acknowledgment tool.


Get Searched for what you want

Choose your fortes (Skills, Certifications, Software expertise) and get searched by those who are looking for professionals with fortes like yours


Micro to Macro Location Filters

Discover professionals as close to you and as further as the other end of the world.


When objectives are defined, professional networking gets refined.

Refine your networking with the right objectives

Meet professionals who compliment your objectives to achieve effective results. Choose those objectives that are relevant to you and which you want to get searched for.

Here are the commonly used networking objectives for you to select from, to network effectively.