Empowering professional lives by making networking easy and effective.

A new age professional networking platform that focuses on objective based networking

Getting your network to work for you, and help you out in a challenging situation isn't always easy. If you've built your network in the traditional manner, guessing and assumption may have played a large part in you identifying the people you want to interact with. In times of need, your large yet limited network may seem restricted and not help you with desired solutions.

Shifting focus from network building, to networking is necessary. At BlueTie, we enable objective driven networking by helping you reach out to other professionals with complementary objectives. This addresses the need of the hour, and improves the efficiency with which you can overcome your professional hurdles, regardless of how often they arise. We take away the formalities and intricacies of building bridges with people that lie beyond your circle or contacts.

People at work or in your circle may not have answers to all your questions. That’s where reaching out to professionals beyond your individual network helps. Without the barriers that exist, answers can be found, and limitless possibilities unlocked.


What is BlueTie?

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What is BlueTie?
A dive into our philosophy


They’ve used it. They’ve experienced the new age. Now, they’re talking about it.

  • Amazing professional networking app with great Focus on localization & contextual relevance helping users achieve their full potential.

      • - karan
  • The most striking thing was the interactive UI and overall ease of using the app. A different experience in getting to network, and by network I actually mean talk to professionals which was very helpful. Quite like it 👍

      • - Shreyans Mehta
  • They are having a user friendly UI and it was easier on my behalf to find Android professionals for mobile application development. I would recommend the developers to try this platform because these people provide the specific information you want in your professional life.

      • - Anand Arnav Padhy
  • User friendly UI, Very easy to use app for connecting with different people from various professional fields to improve our professional networking.One of the best feature is it helps for freelancers to reach out to the best opportunists. Must have app to improve professional connections.

      • - Vijay
  • Found it very helpfull application for connecting with the people having the same interest and skills. Application UI is very clean and user friendly. Search filters are great to filter the profiles with required industries and skills. I have found some great connections

      • - Harminder Singh


User friendly features for a refined professional networking.

Packed with features that cater to all your professional networking needs

We at BlueTie believe that a platform is only as good as the features that put it together. We have come up with unique features for the BlueTie app that collectively make professional networking seem like a walk in the park!


Discover & Meet Professionals

Discover and access professionals who lie beyond your individual networks and reach out to them in an approachable manner.


Mutual Objective Driven Networking

Choose your networking objective and access professionals who share a co-relating objective at that moment.


BlueTie Pin – Your Professional Contact Detail

Create your personalized BlueTie Pin and use it for all your professional communication without sharing any personal information thus minimizing spam.


An Effective Acknowledgement System

Acknowledgement does matter! Get a timely response for every request sent through our efficient acknowledgment tool.


Get Searched for what you want

Choose your fortes (Skills, Certifications, Software expertise) and get searched by those who are looking for professionals with fortes like yours


Micro to Macro Location Filters

Discover professionals as close to you and as further as the other end of the world.


Focussed objectives streamline your networking experience.

The right focus leads to great outcomes

Networking objectives on BlueTie refer to reasons for you to interact with professionals who may lie beyond your individual network. Their complementary objectives help you achieve effective results.

Here are the networking objectives you can leverage on BlueTie.